August 2, 2015

Traveling // Berlin (too many pictures)

June 9, 2015

Traveling // Alghero

Being a grown up and working full time is killing my creativity to write in this blog.
Lately I've been using my uniform 5 days per week and in my days off I only want to stay home in my PJ enjoying this great English Summer. So is not worth to keep forcing myself to write about fashion or what I've been wearing lately.
It looks like from now on this blog is going to change a bit. Its going to be more about my travels and photo diaries.
This pictures are from my last trip to Alghero (Sardinia), In the beginning of the Summer. It was my big opportunity to enjoy the sun, the clear waters and eat good food.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Berlin to enjoy for the second time one of my favorite cities in the world. See you soon *

April 5, 2015


Brighton deixou-me completamente apaixonada! Tem qualquer coisa de mágico... a roda gigante à beira mal, o pavilhão, a praia .... não é de estranhar que tantos realizadores de cinema escolham Brighton como cenário para os seus filmes. É uma cidade completamente diferente das típicas pequenas cidades Inglesas, com muito espírito jovem, lojas vintage, galerias, e cafetarias apetecíveis. 
Apesar de ter visitado Brighton em Janeiro fui presenteada com um dia solarengo. E penso que fiz uma óptima escolha pois acredito que no Verão será invadida por multidões.

I fell in love completly by Brighton! This town has something magical.... the Ferris Wheel, the Pavilion, the beach .... no wonder that so many film directors choose Brighton to shoot their films. I found it completly different fom the typical English Little towns, It'is a very youth friendly town, with many vintage shops, galleries and cute little coffee shops.
Despite having visited Brighton in January it was a nice sunny day. And it was the best option because I believe that during Summer will be invaded by crowds.

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